Wagner Profi-guarantee (a state on 2/1/2009)


All Profi-devices for putting Wagner paint (further - products) carefully are checked, tested and exposed to strict control from department of quality of Wagner. Wagner gives an expanded guarantee to exclusively private or professional user who has got a product in the authorized trade organization (further "client").

Claims of the buyer on responsibility for shortcomings according to the contract of a purchase with the seller and also legitimate rights aren't limited to this guarantee.

We provide a guarantee in such form that according to our decision the device or spare parts is replaced or under repair. We undertake costs of material and working hours. The replaced products or details pass into our property.


Guarantee period makes 24 months, at industrial application or an equivalent claim, in particular, shift work or in case of rent - 12 months.

For the drives using gasoline and air we give also 12 months of a guarantee.

The guarantee begins with the shipment moment by the authorized dealer. Date on the original of the check for purchase is decisive.


If in a warranty period shortcomings of material, processing or productivity of the device are found, a complaint should be made immediately, however the latest, than in 2-week time.

The authorized dealer who has put the device is authorized to accept claims on a guarantee. On a guarantee the customer service which is also specified in the maintenance instruction can accept claims. The product has to be sent or shown together with the original of the check for purchase in which date of purchase and the name of a product is specified. At the requirement of extension of a guarantee the guarantee certificate has to be in addition enclosed.

Expenses and also risk of loss or damage of a product on the way to or from point which accepts claims on a guarantee or are sent by the repaired device, the client bears.



Claims on a guarantee can't be accepted 

– on details which are subject to wear owing to application or to other natural wear, or for product malfunctions which are caused by application or natural wear. In particular, cables, gates, inserts, nozzles, cylinders, pistons which are carrying out environments of a part of the case, filters, hoses, laying, rotors, stators, etc. belong here 
Damages owing to the wear caused by the grinding pokryvny materials such, such as, dispersions, plaster, filling, glues, glazes, quartz primer. 
– malfunctions of devices owing to non-compliance with maintenance instructions, inadequate or inadmissible application, the wrong installation or commissioning by the buyer or the third parties, application not to destination, abnormal a condition of the environment, not suitable pokryvny materials, chemical, electrochemical or electric influences, inadmissible service conditions, operation with the wrong tension/frequency of network, an overload or the wrong maintenance or leaving or cleaning. 
– at device malfunctions which are caused by application of accessories, additional or spare parts which aren't original details of Wagner. 
– On products on which changes or additions were carried out. 
– On products with remote or unreadable serial numbers 
– On products which not authorized persons tried to repair. 
– On products with insignificant deviations from the set parameters which to the importance and suitability of the device to application aren't essential. 
– On products which partially or are completely sorted.


The above-named guarantee works only for products which are acquired in the EU, the CIS, Australia at the authorized dealer and are used within the respective country. 

If check shows that there is no guarantee case, is repaired at the expense of the buyer. 
In conclusion, the above-stated provisions govern legal relations with us. Other claims, in particular on damage and losses of any sort which arise because of a product or its application are excluded from the law on responsibility for a product out of a zone of its application. 
Claims on shortcomings to dealers aren't mentioned. 
On such guarantee the German right is valid.

J. Wagner GmbH 
Division Professional Finishing 
Otto Lilienthal Strasse 18 
88677 Markdorf 
Federal Republic of Germany